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국적 - 캐나다
소속 - Groovalax Record(hong Kong), 02Entertainment(Korea Only)
장르 - Deep & Sexy, Funky, Disco, TECH, techno, progressive, and Electro

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90년대 중반 캐나다 벤쿠버에서 본격적인 음악활동을 시작한 본명, Anthony Sandstrom은 현재 Hong Kong에서 모델로도 활동하는 동시에 클럽씬에서의 DJ공연을 위해 많은 시간을 할애하고 있다. 이미 CF를 통해서 알려진 친근한 이미지와 매우 사교적인 성격 덕분에 한국을 방문하는 기회도 점점 늘어나고 있다. 현재는 홍콩의 클럽(Tivo, KEE)에서 레지던트 DJ로 활동하고 있다.

ANTWONE은 태국(Bed), 싱가폴(Zouk), 대만(AXD), 증국(Deep)등과 한국클럽은(Circle, Volume, Double, Ben@Blue Sprit)등 유명한 아시아 전역의 클럽에서 왕성한 활동을 해왔다.

또한 한국에서는 CF광고모델(Sony CyberShot, Samsung computer, TVN network, Sky휴대폰, 에이스침대, HMC투자증권)로 등장하면서 더 잘 알려져 있다.

그는 DJ 경력을 기본으로 브랜드 프로모션 전문 기획사와 계약을 맺고 샤넬, 디오르, 아디다스등과 같은 패션 브랜드의 모델로도 활동을 해왔다.

수려한 외모와 깔끔한 무대매너를 선보이는 DJ Antwone은 Groovalax Record를 통해 Fantasy Female이란 펑키하우스 싱글을 발매하면서 DJ뿐만 아니라 프로듀서러도 검증을 받았다.
그는 디스코와 올드펑크에 음악적 배경을 두고 있으며 테크하우스와 일렉트로하우스등 클럽씬과 유행에 맞는 음악을 선사할 것이다.

Dj Antwone (Anthony Sandstrom) began his career in the mid 90's. "Grasped by the allure" of the underground rave movement in Vancouver, Canada, he began his appreciation for electronica music. After many late nights of these social interactions so began the infatuation with the turntables.Musically, Dj Antwone has always been heavily influenced by old funk classics and the disco era.

Adding his flavor from these musical genres into the latest 'cutting edge' House sound with his tactical prowess on the decks, Dj Antwone has emerged an international Dj with his own infectious blend of solid funky house. Known to lay down either a sweet blend of deep groovy funky house or whip the dance floor into a 'frenzy' with a hard pumpin' funky tech tribal set. One thing is for certain,there will always be this uplifting element of 'funky' in Dj Antwone's music.

Along his musical journey, Dj Antwone formed friendships with some amazing people, and helped conceived TLC Productions,(Vancouver, Canada). Feeling the need to give back some of the pleasures and wonderful experiences in the 'party scene', TLC promoted numerous fantastic and memorable events, with the help of many TLC supportive friends. Such as the legendary series of TLC 'Lost at Sea' boat parties. Whether TLC was either hosting an event, playing a club residency,or at their private house parties, there were always dancing happy smiling people to be found.

Late 2001, after completing a Webdesign program, Dj Antwone internationally relocated himself to Thailand. Since then Antwone has been spinning at all of Bangkok's top venues, with full-time residencies at the award winning Mystique Club and famous Bed Supperclub, Lucile Disko, Distil,Syn,regular featured guest Dj at Q Bar, plus International residency tours at KEE Club and HOME in HK.

Antwone also dj's corporate events for international companies such as Nokia, and was invited for the exclusive Vivienne Tam Fashion Week Finale party at the ultra plush Guan-Di Club in Shanghai.

2005 saw the highly anticipated opening of Mystique Club, and Antwone's talents were quickly secured as resident Dj and he was given creative freedom as a promoter and developed the very successful SINDUSTRY events. Antwone then released a promo CD for SINDUSTRY, which has received rave reviews from his fans through out Asia. International promoters have quickly taken notice of Antwone's talents and have him performing in over 8 countries through out Asia, with gigs booked at the world famous ZOUK Club and ATTICA in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand,Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, and Korea. MTV also featured Antwone to perform at the 2006 MTV Siloso New Years Splash Party with over 10,000+ people!

If asked about a career highlight? Dj Antwone is torn between either the Thailand Full Moon party where he rocked out a memorable sunrise set to 8000+ on the beach, or Fridae.com's Slurp Event when Antwone played to a full house at Zouk Club. Or lastly, when Antwone shared the stage as a finalist in the Heineken Thirst DJ Contest with host, world's #1 Dj Tiesto! This world wide Heineken event had 1000's of fans and scores of press and media. Channel [V] recognized Dj Antwone's high profile status as DJ and International Model, and quickly requested multiple exclusive TV interviews on their Club [V] "DJ Profile" program, also Indigo magazine featured Antwone in an interview.

2006, Antwone has relocated to HK, and now has residencies at the new Bliss Club and Illy bar. As well, continue to host at Flix Club in Bangkok, his monthly SINDUSTRY events, which was recently featured on the "Asia After Dark" TV program. Antwone will also be performing numerous featured guest Dj gigs throughout Asia.

Antwone has produced the funky house track hit, "Fantasy Female" on Groovalax records. This year he plans to be in the studio producing fresh new tracks allowing him the opportunity to spread the good vibes of house music!

MTV Siloso 2006 New Years Splash Event
Heineken Thirst Dj Competition Finalist
SINDUSTRY Series of Events
Vivienne Tam Fashion week Finale Party
Gaysorn Plaza 2nd Anniversary Party
August Man Magazine 1yr Party -S’pore
Central Season Launch Event
Ports Fashion Event
Bobbi Brown Event
Rouge Dior Fashion Event
U-Boat Fashion Event
Nokia Launch Event
Joyce Event
TDC Young Designers Fashion Event
'Bkk Dj's CD Release party' –Bkk

+ Club Listings
Zouk Club - Singapore
Attica too - Singapore(2x's)
Liquid Room - Singapore(3x's)
KM 8 Beach - Singapore
Volar Club - Hong Kong
KEE Club - Hong Kong
TiVo Bar - Hong Kong
Bliss Club - Hong Kong
Home Club - Hong Kong
Lost Club - Hong Kong
Circle Club – Korea
Volume Club – Korea
Double Club – Korea
Ben@Blue Sprit - Korea
Del Disco - Korea
AXD Club - Taiwan
Room 18 - Taiwan
Hugo's Cafe - Indonesia(2x's)
Guan Di Club - Shanghai
Club Deep - Shanghai
Cream Club - Kuala Lumpur
Mystique Club - Bangkok
Narcissus - Bangkok
Bed SupperClub - Bangkok
Distill Bar - Bangkok
Q Bar - Bangkok
Faith Club - Bangkok
Lucile & Lucifers - Bangkok
Tapas Bar - Bangkok
Syn Bar - Bangkok
Big Boom Bar - Ko Phan ngan,Thailand
Bubbles Club - Chiangmai, Thailand
Celebrities - Vancouver, Canada
Drink Club - Vancouver
Commodore - Vancouver
Alexander 7 – Vancouver

+ Media
Channel[V] - exclusive TV DJ interview
Club[V] - exclusive TV DJ interview
'Asia After Dark' TV -Sindustry DJ interview
AZION TV Asia - DJ Antwone TV interview
August Man Magazine -DJ interview
Indigo Magazine -DJ interview
'The Nation' newspaper -DJ profile

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